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A Lifetime's Dedication and Passion for Sculpture

During the past 25 years as a professional sculptor, Graham Radcliffe of Mount Glorious, in South East Queensland, has created an extraordinary collection of unique and inspirational sculptures, which are now for sale and on commission.

A most gifted artist with an international reputation for his talents, Graham Radcliffe continues to craft a prolific number of sculptures using various materials including rare marble and onyx as well as bronze.

Today he also finds time for the creation of oils on canvas, as well as sculptures, within the grounds of the much admired Phoenix Sculpture Garden which he established with his wife Margit, in 1995 on the peak of Mount Glorious with its magnificent views out to Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island.

The Phoenix Sculpture Garden was an ambitious project. Open to the public, the two hectare rainforest garden is created around a select number of predominantly marble sculptures each at one within their specific garden surrounds and, as a whole, giving focus to an ambience of serenity.

This creative paradise also supports an art gallery. In all, more than 100 indoor and outdoor sculptures are on display with many available for sale.

Radcliffe's dedication to sculpture resulted from his initial trip to Pietrasanta, Italy. With its access to exceptional raw materials and its many studios hidden in narrow streets, Pietrasanta is a world centre for sculpture in marble and bronze.

Here Graham Radcliffe lived and worked for some six years as he honed his talents, and also where he has continued to return regularly over the following years.

Several significant pieces have been accomplished during from his times in Italy. One of them is his largest sculpture, the impressive "Phoenix Germania". Standing some 4m high, it was created in acknowledgement of German reunification.

Among pieces on public display in Australia, Radcliffe crafted a sculpture for the Whitehorse City Council, Melbourne. Named "Spirit of Whitehorse", it is aptly a magnificent white horse created in Italian Carrara marble.

Today, 78 years of age, his passion for sculpture continues as does his ambition to work both here and in Europe ensuring his access to some of the best marble from around the world.

As Graham Radcliffe explains:
"Sculpture must be made of love... from love... with love. Sculpture must be the essence of Love. It must have empathy with some spiritual vibration from within one's being. It will be a reflection of our inner selves...our souls... no matter how we try to disguise it."

This dedication for his art influences each piece of his expansive collection that transforms stone into extraordinary timeless sculptures.

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Born in Brisbane in 1934, Graham Radcliffe created his first sculptures from sandstone and wood around 1968, and made his first copper sculptures while living in Papua New Guinea (1969).

With his commitment to the art of sculpture, he was among the founders of "Society of Sculptors Queensland" in 1970. Through this Society, he was involved in various exhibitions until the early 1980s and was invited to participate in the "Flotto Lauro Prize" 1972, and the "Transfield Prize" in 1971.
But it was in 1987, when he found his real vocation. It was then he visited Pietrasanta in Italy, a world centre of marble, where he began to work with this extraordinary material which was to become the cornerstone of his artistic endeavours. While living there, he was asked to donate a model of his work "Winged Messenger of Love" to the Bozzetti Museum in Pietrasanta.

Graham Radcliffe went on to exhibit in a number of European cities including Munich, Stuttgart, Cadolzburg, Zurich and Monte Carlo. He had solo exhibitions in Munich (1988) and Cadolzburg (2001). As a consequence, his works are in private collections around the world.

Exhibitions in Australia

1981 joint exhibition Bowman Gallery, Brisbane
1988 "Marble and the Female Form" exhibition at Gallery 460, Gosford
1993 Solo exhibition of 33 works at Waterfront Place, Brisbane
1997 Pine Rivers Art Award for his sculpture "Alpine Reverie"
2003 "Atlantis and Beyond" - solo exhibition Mount Glorious, at artist studio

Public Art Commissions

1995 "Transient Spirit" for Southport School in Gold Coast
1998 "Spirit of Whitehorse" for the Whitehorse City Council in Melbourne
2001 "Wetlands" for the Caboolture Shire Council in Queensland
2006 "Firstborn" for Harvey Bay Hospital in Queensland